Still looking for holiday or weekend gateway ideas? Interested in something both original and refreshing? Then consider this: With nearly half-a-million lakes, outstanding flora and fauna, a massive river and a rich maritime heritage, Quebec is the ideal destination to satisfy your cravings for unparalleled water-based activities. Experience the thirll of chasing swift-running river salmon, of listening to mesmerizing whale songs on a dive or oflearning to kitesurf. Take a cruise that will bring you rigth up alongside a wide variety of marine mammals or explore a UNESCO-recognized biosphere reserve by kayak or canoe. Follow in the paths of the First Nations peoples by rabaska, or just simply unwind on a sailboat. All of this and more is yours to discover throught the Quebec Nautical Stations, la belle province's network of its worl-class marine destinations, where anything on water, under water or near water is possible. Experience Quebec a different way. Discover the water at its heart!

What a Nautical Station is about...

A nautical station is a secluded location offering easy access to a multitude of marine activities, including canoe/kayaking, cruises, water-themed fun, excursions, marinas, maritime heritage, paddleboarding, fishing, beaches, pleasure boating, diving, scenic lookouts, wind and board sports and much more. Equipment rentals are available as well, providing visitors with a wealth of options and the opportunity to learn new sports. In short, it's an ideal location for an unforgettable experience.

A world-class provincial network

Founded by the Quebec Marine Association in 2007, the Quebec Nautical Stations network is made up of 16 stations with four others currently in develpment. You will discover on this website these destinations and their nautical jewels. It is guaranteed to give you a thirst for adventure.

And remerber: a life on water is a life well spent!



QUEBEC NAUTICAL STATIONS mission consists in improving the promotion and growth of pleasure boating by initiating and supporting the organization of nautical resources in a comprehensive manner (activities, services, infrastructures, nautical events). As a provincial nautical network, QNS strives to bring and support cohesive action among all actors from the private, public and tourist sectors of the various regions concerned. That is to insure sustained growth and quality offerings for all things nautical in the province. Within the QNS network, the role of the Quebec Maritime Association (QMA) is to bring management expertise in the operation of the network, as well as being a coordinating body for all parties involved. In this, the QMA offers a unique nautical reference for pleasure boating and all is related activities in Quebec.

  • Improve accessibility to nautical services offered throughout the province as well as support all initiatives contributing to the growth of nautical activities.
  • These actions are tied to the promotion of the exceptional attractions and natural beauty of Quebec’s waterways (St-Lawrence Rivers, the Saguenay, numerous rivers and lakes) at the local and international levels.
  • To organize, to promote and to contribute to the growth of boating and nautical activities in Quebec.
  • To highlight Quebec’s nautical destinations between and among our regions as well to international travelers and concerns.
  • To coordinate actions and initiatives within the network (facilitate communications, share expertise, bring and overview of boating activities and services, induce cohesive action).
  • To be a trustworthy representative and promoter of boating interests at various levels: local and provincial governments, tourism offices, private interests in the boating field.
  • To support Nautical Stations at a management level through, for example, the Internet and the QMA web site more specifically.


The QNS network strives to highlight pleasure boating and all its related activities among all interested parties and bring them to work as a team in order to strengthen the boating and nautical community. The QNS basic values rest on cohesiveness, the sharing of information and expertise in the nautical field, responsible and safe boating and environmental practises, accessibility to nautical activities with sustainable growth in mind and the improvement and support of the nautical field at large.

If you are active in the boating business, a boating organization, public or semi-private, and wish to contribute to the growth and expansion of Quebec’s Nautical Stations, please contact the AMQ office.

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