Nautical Fest: the largest water celebration throughout Quebec


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Nautical Fest: the largest water celebration throughout Quebec

Brossard, July 4th 2013 - Trying out water sports has never been so easy or accessible! On July 6th and 7th, the Quebec Marine Association (QMA) invites you to the Nautical Fest - a unique celebration held throughout Quebec - on lakes, rivers and of course, the St. Lawrence. During this weekend, more than 60 marinas, ports of call, clubs and schools, will offer free fun water activities in a festive and friendly atmosphere.
Discover the wide range of water sports offered in Quebec
Experience boating, canoeing, diving, flyboard, kayaking, kite surfing, Jet Ski, paddling, rabaska, sailing, stand up paddle board, water skiing, wakeboarding, windsurfing, yoga paddle board and more.

Enjoy fun activities
Take part in family activities, strolls along the water, boat rides, canoeing, kayaking and rabaska trips, introduction to navigation (for kids and adults), flyboard demonstrations, marina open houses, boat parades, small cruises, friendly races, interpretive tours and more.

Meet nautical enthusiasts
Talk with representatives from nautical associations, clubs, cruise lines, schools, marinas, ports of call, as well as water safety experts and dealers.
So on July 6th & 7th come have fun on the water! No experience necessary - all you need is a big smile.


Flying over water, it’s possible!

On this occasion the Quebec Marine Association (QMA) and Quebec Flyboard invites all the media representatives to attend to the launch of a new sport: The Flyboard. Fly like your favorite superhero, Iron Man! This strange engine will quickly propel you out of water using a personal watercraft. After a few minutes, you will easily master it and be able to safely experience flying like a bird overwater, to defeat the law of gravity, to dive underwater like a dolphin and to do acrobatics that will impress everyone around. Only twenty months after the product was on the market, it became a worldwide phenomenon.

Attend to the Flyboard showcase or to try it out during the Nautical Fest  
on July 6, at 10 AM ! You can go to the : 
• Yacht Club de Montréal (11, Notre-Dame West Street, Old Port of Montreal - water bassin next to the Quai de l’horloge)
• Marina du Port de Québec (155, Abraham-Martin Street)
• Marina Valleyfield (420, Victoria Street, Salaberry-de-Valleyfield)

About the Nautical Fest (Fête du nautisme)
At its first edition in Quebec, the Nautical Fest aims to demonstrate how practicing water sports in the province is easy and accessible. It also aims to promote and showcase our maritime heritage as well as the majestic St. Lawrence River and its tributaries. In addition, the formula of the event has its origins in France, where the Fête du nautisme was established in 2000 under the leadership of the Federation of Nautical Industries (the 2012 event was attended by more than 547,000 visitors and 240 000 practitioners in addition to benefiting the still very active support of many sports federations and national institutions).

About the Quebec Marine Association
Founded in 1996, the QMA focuses on the advancement of pleasure boating. Through its programs Quebec Nautical Stations, Eco-Marinas, Marina Rating and Boating Safety, it has become a must for nautical tourism, sustainable development, upgrades of the nautical infrastructures and safety awareness. Each year, the association publishes the Nautiguide, a reference greatly appreciated by boaters, and organizes the Boat and water sports as well as the Montreal in-Water Boat Show held in the Old Port of Montreal. In addition, the QMA offers many services to nearly 9000 members and corporate boaters.



Aviva and Univesta, are proud partners of the Nautical Fest!

To download photos in high resolution of Flyboard and nautical activities: http://www.fetedunautisme.ca/multimedia.php 

Information and interviews:
Jacinthe Lauzon, Communications Director, AMQ, (cell.) 514 895-2211, jlauzon@nautismequebec.com
Guy Lambert, Communications Advisor, AMQ (cell.) 514 831-6446, glambert@nautismequebec.com